the dress becomes a world

And that's what the costumes are,

a mask that creates

a parallel universe,

a magical

supernatural world,

They are action objects

more than a restriction.

They create a different state of mind, and a different way of sensing the world, perhaps a forgotten way of sensing our world.

They remind us of how we have lost touch with nature, perhaps even ourselves, and how we tend to live only in the  ̈real ̈ or realistic world. They remind us of how the magic that these masked dresses create and their world, are lacking in our modern society.

2020 - 22

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2018: Aster´s solo.

¨And as she steeps out of the crown we see a woman.

Aster is her name.¨

Aster was created inspiret by the paradox of strength in sensitivity and vulnerability. The suble power of feminity and how all three has been and is being suppressed in modern day society and how much strength it is required for it to break free.


Photo shoot 500MoH (meters above sea level) in Norway.

Summer 2017 we had tremendous fun working on a photo shoot with the talented photographer Lars Martin Teigen.

Photo and editing: Lars Martin Teigen.

Concept: Anne Sofie Johannessen

Models/dancers: Hilde Bjørnebøle and Anne Sofie Johannessen.

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In 2014 we began filming "Manhunt"

at Barony Rosendal in kvinnherad,


It has since been screened around the world.

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2013: “Somewhere deep in the forest”.

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2011:  “Skognymfene på       busstur” in Århus, Denmark.

          Fresh n crispy projects and things.. will be posted on Aster's instagram.