" -  thus framing the art in nature’s greatness. "

Photo © lars Martin Teigen


Anne Sofie Johannessen is a Danish choreographer, dancer and performer.

With training as a gymnast and in traditional egypcian bellydance her personal artistic language began to form when she in her late teens encountered contemporary dance and classical ballet.

Johannesen’s work is known to be feminine but rough - the beauty of sensuality and the use of our senses has a strong presence in her work. At the same time her choreographic work reflects a desire to bring out truthfulness in her own performance and avoid any moment that can appear fake. She is of the opinion that in order to bring out this truth one has to not be afraid of expressing ugliness.

The truth isn’t always pretty.

Animals often have this honesty and truthfulness and Johannessen likes to express this both in her movements and choreographic work and have also been known to use actual animals in her performances.

Greatly inspired by nature - especially the rough landscape of Scandinavia - Johannessen aspires to

remove dance from the stage and bring it out in different locations and especially into nature - thus framing the art in nature’s greatness.

Being a longtime admirerer of old Scandinavian folklore creatures and tales, and of authors and poets such as Steen Steensen Blicher and H.C. Andersen storytelling is equally important to her and a lot of her work has at its core a story, which lets the spectator follow a thread and leaves him the opportunity to create his own story in the performance.

In 2009 she obtained her BA in modern/contemporary

dance - Oslo, Norway.

Oslo is also the city where she is currently based.

In 2011 she choreographed her first piece ¨Nymphs on a buss fare¨.

It was also during this production Aster & L'entreprise Normale was created.

2019: Slå på Kunst, Trondheim Norway. "Aster"

2017: Cancan film competition, LemoArt Gallery Berlin.

2016: Fiva Festival iberoamericano videodanza Almagro. "Manhunt".

2016: Breaking 8, Festival di Video Danza, Italy "Manhunt".

2015: Franje Festival "Manhunt"

2015: RIFF R.E.D. International film festival "Manhunt"

2014/15: Choreographing, dancing and producing "Manhunt"

2014: Mind the gap. “Somewhere deep in the forest”.

2013: Canal street festival, Arendal “Somewhere deep in the forest”

2013: Franje festival, Arendal. “Somewhere deep in the forest”

2011: "Nymphs on a Buss fare" (skovnymfer paa Bustur)  The performance was founded by the Nordea Foundation.



 Photo © Lars-Martin Teigen

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