– The harm a woman will do to a woman no man can surpass

Manhunt presens us with the tabu of extreme emotions; hate, jalousy and the wish to harm others.

We meet a woman, inconform in a conform world. Honest and pure she provokes feelings of inferiority in other women – feelings that they cannot control. Therefore she must be oppressed, diminished, unnoticed, removed.

Trapped in their world of hate and envy like chickens they pick on the weakest.

Does conformity constitute normality? And how far will we go to uphold it?


Photo shoot 500moh in Norway.

Summer 2017 we had tremendous fun working on a photo shoot with the talented photographer Lars-Martin Teigen.

Photo and regi: Lars-Martin Teigen.

Idea/concept: Anne Sofie Johannessen

Models/dancers: Hilde Bjørnebøle and Anne Sofie Johannessen.

In 2014 we began filming "Manhunt"

at Barony Rosendal in kvinnherad,


It has since been screened around the world.

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2013: “Somewhere deep in the forest”.

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