Sound design

Creating a unique and otherworldly sound universe of buzzing insects, grasshoppers and frogs calling, in collaboration with musicians who's backgrounds are in the electronic psychedelic trance field.


sound design

The Grasshopper Crown

There is a place in Denmark on Mols called Tinghulen, that is what my grandmother called it. It is not far away from Poskær Stenhus, both places date from around 3300 BC. It is said that back then in the old days, they came and held meetings, important meetings. It is a big sandy hole in a forest with small curly trees and long grass on the sides, there are never any people there, and in the summer there are thousands of buzzing insects, colorful dragonflies and a loud hypnotic symphony sound of grasshoppers.

When you stand there on the edge, you can almost hear the voices from back then in ancient times, but it's probably just the wind and the singing grasshoppers playing with your mind. However this place is buzzing not only with insects, but also with ancient times and lost ancient knowledge.

It is an absolutely amazing magical and inspirational place.

The sound of buzzing insects, and grasshoppers are an introduction to the supernatural world, therefore the use of the insects sounds are consistent throughout the project, it sets the tone for an already different world, in this case the animal kingdom something we humans still move further and further away from.


The grasshopper is a brave insect and far back in several cultures the grasshopper has traditionally symbolized "luck" - it is an animal that tells us to move forward and to take a leap of faith. The grasshopper is of course also written about in christianity where it is mentioned in the Bible as one of Egypt's 10 plagues, and it stands for mass destruction of vital crops.

You can say that the grasshopper is a complex animal, but nevertheless an incredibly resilient guy.

Fossils of grasshoppers have been found dating back to the carboniferous period. Making them more than a staggering 300 million years old and the living grasshoppers today are some of the insects that can be traced far back in time.

Moving away from the grasshoppers, the use of classical oriental music is also present in this project. Known for its half tones and somewhat different seductive sound to western ears, this again enhances the audience experience and opens up the doors to this otherworldy universe.

When using this kind of music, we can draw some parallels from ritualistic zar dance, which can be categorized under one of many different belly dancee forms or oriental dance styles. However, the zar dance is more of a trance ritual between the musicians and dancers than it is a style. It is always danced by women, and originates from the Middle East. Traditionally, zardances were practiced to drive away evil spirits. A bit like the grasshopper, belly dancing or the precursor to belly dancing can be traced far back in time, how far no one really knows exactly but some writings suggest 6000 years. It  has no special connection to religions of today. And here, just to clarify, this project was at no time intended to be religious, it is solely a study of this other world, and a study of an experience that is in strong harmony with nature and the supernatural world or a magical world.

original idea & concept by Anne Sofie Johannessen

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