Is the girl in the blue dress crazy or are they driving her crazy? Are they crazy?

This remains uncertain. Trapped in their own world full of hate and envy like chickens they peck on the weakest.

Women are capable of as much harm as men. In that we are alike.

In Manhunt we are presented with extreme emotions of hate and jalousy and the wish to harm others. Thoughts that are tabu in our everyday life.

We meet a woman who – at first sight – appears to be abnormal in a normal world. She is trapped in a system that does not allow her to display her natural self, yet the other women feel inferior to her purety and honesty. She provokes feelings in them that they cannot control. Therefore she must be removed, oppressed, diminished, unseen.

So who is in fact crazy? Who is in fact strange? What is percieved as normal? – Is it simply that which makes us feel comfortable? And do we let ourselves be controlled by our lowest impulses?



A contemporary dance film written and choreographed by Anne Sofie Johannessen. Filmed in Baroniet, Rosendal, Norway.


Dancers; Ida Camelia Siljedal, Hilde Bjørnebøle and Anne Sofie Johannessen.

Camera and editing; Petter Misje.

Music; Amon Tobin (Ninja tune) and 16 Horsepower (Glitterhouse Records)

Sound design;


Premiere and screenings.


2017: Muestra Internacional Caracas Videofanzada, Venezuela.

2017: Cancan Film Competition, LemoArt Gallery.

2016: Fiva Festival iberoamericano videodanza Almagro.

2016: Breaking 8, Festival di Video Danza, Italy

2015: Franje festival, Arendal, Norway.

2015: RIFF R.E.D International film festival prelude edition."Manhunt" premiere.